• User-independent,natural ventilation for reliable exchange of air and protection against moisture according to DIN 19646-6

  • Low maintenance

  • Can be retrofitted with little effort
    (regardless of the window hardware and tear)

  • Easy to clean and maintain without third-party companies

  • No uncontrolled loss of heat.



Good indoor air qualtity is not only a decisive factor for the well-being and helath of the residents,it also protects the structure of the building.Ever thicker building shells-particularly for energy-efficient refurbishments and new builds-call for a sophisticated ventilation concept to guarantee that air is exchanged and moistures is transproted away.
The most obvious ventilation option : the window.


The 140mm valve impresses with the best air permeability in its class at low wind conditions. Even in strong winds, its aerodynamic action prevents too much cold air from entering the building. Once a defined quantity of air is reached , the inflowing air volume is limited at the same time, the outside air coming in via window rebate is permanently pre – heated. Cold draughts are thus a thing of the past.


※ It determines the amount of air flow for ventilation of per ㎥ unit in the living space .

Fig.1 : All the air flow necessary for full ventilation for moisture protection according to the size of residential units ⇒ a single layer equipment in the living room and mild wind area