PST(Parallel Slide Tilt)

Parallel-stop-slide hardware

The parallel-stop-slide for PVC, timber and timber-aluminium systems is based on the proven roller technology of the MACO slide&tilt hardware. Its key features are the all-round ventilation with a sash parallel stop of 5 mm and capability for burglar resistance according to resistance class 2 (RC 2). The standard parallel-stop-slide is even equipped with the i.S. security roller cam. The integrated spring mechanism easily moves sliding doors up to 200 kg in weight.


Retracting distance 125 mm

The PAS hardware excels with a retracting distance of 125 mm. This makes it possible to accommodate very thick sash profiles that are primarily used in ecoconscious new builds.

Examples of this can be found within the construction of Passive Houses and Zero Carbon Homes.


Maximum comfort

The effortless operation of sash units up to 200 kg in weight really makes an impact: as it is closed, the hardware automatically pulls the sash towards the frame. The user hardly needs to exert any manual force or pressure on the sash.

The integrated spring mechanism on the rear roller is a sophisticated functional detail. The spring assembly in the mechanism stores the energy produced when opening to door and is thereby tensioned. When the sash is closed, the energy stored is released to enhance sash lift.

The functional principle of the roller mirrors that of the familiar technology used on the slide&tilt roller from MACO with its tried-and-tested roller construction (lead-in curve, steering arms and roller unit).


Integrated energy store

The user need only exert minimum force to close the sash. The Intergrated energy store insures that the sash is automatically pulled towards the frame in one fluid effortless motion.

This ease of operation is achieved through a combination of the Intergrated energy store located in the roller and the damper on the scissor stay.

The suspension package installed in the energy store preserves the energy released when the sash is opened.

When you close the sash, the stored energy is released to help move the sash back into the closed position. Discrete guide blocks attached to the frame are used to trigger the operation.

Healthy peripheral ventilation

For peripheral ventilation in the parallel position, the sash retracts a distance of 6mm.

Here, the parallel retract position is hardly visible from the outside and remains ecurely locked allowing occupants to enjoy the piece of mind secure ventilation affords.

PAS is supplied as standard with roller for the smoothest possible operation.

Technology overview

  • Sash weights up to 160 kg in timber or PVC

  • Windows and glass doors

  • Sash rebate width 750 – 1650 mm

  • Sash rebate height 850 – 2450 mm

  • Suitable for rebate depths from 22 mm/13 mm displacement

  • Air gap retracting distance 5 mm

  • 125 mm retracting distance for thermally

  • insulated profile systems

  • Central MULTI-MATIC lock with i.S. security roller cam

  • Silver-look surface and extremely corrosion-resistant TRICOAT-plus

  • Frame clearance 35 mm: low threshold height for level access and easy exit and entry

  • No dual profiles required


Parallel Tilt and Slide doors can operate in three positions: closed, tilt and slide. By turning the handle 90 degrees, the door automatically opens into the tilt position on the top making it ideal for ventilation.It can easily be operated with one hand. The innovative runner mechanism provides smooth projection of the sash which easily and precisely slides in any position desired.

T/S(Tilt & Slide) Hardware Type