Hidden strength

Set yourself apart from your competitors and opt for the MULTI POWER hinge-side –the design range with concealed hardware components.

Perfect aesthetics combined with maximum functionality and optimum security will fulfill all your customers‘ needs.

Based on the MULTI-MATIC central locking system, with which it can be readily combined, you can easily create 1- and 2-sashed units and even 3-sash windows and tilt windows with concealed hardware.

This means an extremely wide range of applications are at your disposal.

Wide range of app lications

You can even produce 3-sash windows and tilt windows as well as 1- and 2-sashed units, thanks to MUL TI POWER and its concealed hardware.

This means an extremely wide range of applications are at your disposal.



Windows and casement doors which have concealed hardware and bearing components when closed, become a design feature in modern residential buildings – MULTI POWER makes the production of such aesthetic window units child’s play. With an additional flush design, the frame and sash combine to form a harmonious unit.


Smooth transition between living space and balcony
or garden – tripping is a thing of the past with timber casement doors thanks to the MACO-TRANSIT threshold. PVC casement doors with a sash weight of up to 130 kg can also be made barrier-free and convenient by combining them with thresholds from selected profile and threshold manufacturers (such as Veka, GKG, Trocal and Eifel TB).


Even though MULTI POWER is a hit with design enthusiasts, this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on optimum functionality and maximum security.
The hinge-side has guaranteed burglary resistance up to grade RC 3. And the window units even fulfil RC 2 in combination with narrow frame profiles or thresholds.


Timber windows with maximum glass areas where the frame discreetly retreats into the background –
with MULTI POWER, narrow frames with a profile depth of 10 mm can be realised in a range of window dimensions with hardly any effect on the loadbearing capacity. The shadow joint becomes a design feature on the flushversion.

Hidden Hardware Type