EMOTION window handles

Window handles are an important functional and stylistic feature.
They move the hardware to tilt and open the window and close it again. To do so, the handle must sit perfectly in your hand and operate the hardware smoothly.

A window handle that can do this makes operating the window a pleasure, both functionally and in terms of look and feel. Our reliable product quality is reflected in a performance guarantee of 12 years for window handles.



RAL tested. This handle blends full-fledged design with a pleasant look and feel.
Its ergonomic design opens the door to a unique kind of charm. Each and every point of design and functional detail match perfectly.

RHAPSODY enthrones the window with full exuberation. The handle is available in the colours bronze, RAL 9016 traffic white, silver.



RAL tested. HARMONY is a classic that satisfies many requirements.
The window handle matches state-of-the-art architectural environments as well as windows for old half-timbered houses reproduced true-to-style. Its distinctive, charismatic contours and timelessly attractive appearance make their mark from the very first moment on. HARMONY is available in the colours bronze, RAL 9016 traffic white, silver.

Handles and lever-handles for windows and balcony doors in the sense of this definition are operational elements for Turn-Only and Tilit & Turn hardware as well as door locks. These are used to move locing components, that is to say ; to open,tilt and close windows and balcony doors. Differing applications do not correspondd to its spectified application. In special cases the fabricator must be sure that the product he has selected is suitable for the intended installation and that the functionality is warranted in the intednded application.

Handles Type

Surface finished and care

The surface-finish of MACO handles and lever-handles is carried out using the most modern pocedures and ongoing quality assurance . Other materials cab cause surface finish damage hen in daily use and with it lead to adverse aesthetical efects.Incorrect handling and inadequate care lead to surcace-finish damangea and with it corrosio. Handles and lever -handles are to be mounted only upon completion of u\building and paingting work. Oly warm water and soft cloths are to be used for cleaing ; mild,pH-neurtal cleaing agents may be used if hadly soiled on no account may corrosive or abrasive substances be use.