Comfort Fittings

Barrier-free access for all. The window handle is positioned where it is easily accessible for all users: at a low level – horizontally or vertically on the bottom of the sash.

The window automatically tilts and closes without the user having to exert any force or pressure on the window. The comfort hardware does the work.

Benefits for end users

  • The window is automatically tilted and locked again by operating the handle.

  • Requirements for disabled people and elderly can be met.

  • Windows that are difficult to access can be operated.

  • Less effort required with the MACO SKB handle due to the long handle element.


The comfort window has a handle of bottom also it will be good to can not reach a location or disabled person .The locking condition do not need to pull the handle it can be revolving 180 degree and automatic tilt function and 90 degree after revolving then operate from unlocked to open by turn.

Comfort Hardware Type