Hanno Weichzellschaum (PU-foam)

Product Description

1-component polyurethane foam in aerosol can for use with mounting pistol. CFC-free, FC-free, HFC-free. System reacting with moisture.

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Product Features

  • High elasticity

  • Tessted sound insulation (Seam soundproofing = 60dB tested by ift-Rosenheim)

  • High stretch – and compression rate

  • Fast curing

  • Resistant to ageing – but not against UV radiation

  • Efficient work – due to the dosage with the mounting pistol

  • Very good adhesion on : Brickwork,concrete and wood, on insulation materials,metals and many plastics.

  • Hermetic and watertight under heavy rain in the constructuon phase

Areas of application

Weichzellschaum is suitable for foaming connection joints of windows, for insulation of interior roof extensions and for foaming cavitys. Weichzellschaum is more elastic than conventional PU-foams and has an excellent resilience.

Instructions before use

The surfaces must be clean,dry and suitable for adhesion. Dust,grease,oil and loose parts must be removed. If the substrate is gypseous, a primer should be used,before application of the foam. The substrates, that are to be foamed ,should be moist, but not wet. Dry joints have to be moistened before foaming! Shake the can before using. After foaming, the foam should be sprayed with water one more time to expedite the reaction and guarantee optimal curing. Metals need a protective coating to avoid corrosio. Substrates, which contain tar and bitumen, are not suitable as adhesive surfaces.No adhesion also on silicone, Pe (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene) and other parting agents. Parts, that can be easily deformend , have to be held up adequately,until the foam is completely cured. The ambience temperatures of the surfaces,that are being foamed,have to be over 0℃ during the whole curing time.

Joint Gauges

The gap widths have to be between 5mm and 30mm. If the gaps are larger than 30mm you have to enentually foam in more layers.

Safety Instrustions

Use only in rooms with enough ventilation. Keep out of reach of childern. Do not breathe in the Aerosol. Protect eyes and skin. Use gloves while using,because the fresh foam is very sticky and can only